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Welcome to 3rd light the home of the smoke grenade, designers of the finest smoke grenades worldwide.

With the production of our first smoke unit badged with the 3L logo shows a new direction for the company which has been manufacturing simulation grenades under its commercial brand name Enola Gaye since 1996. The production of our professional smoke grenades designed for Special Forces & training purposes starts with our Mil-X high output smoke which has a redesigned spoon ignition system from the traditional version.

We have studied the current design in detail and redeveloped the grenade to suit a more modern training environment that encompasses a more modern world that has increased health and safety standards and greater litigation.

Our smoke grenade is designed to give maximum cover when needed, the Mil-x has produces a large volume of dense smoke in the shortest possible time that is also practical to give cover even during windy conditions.




Our Mil-X has been carefully designed by our experienced development team with detailed input for experienced military personnel. We have 20 years experience designing smoke grenades for the simulation industries and alongside thousands of users worldwide from this industry their input has been added to the R&D mixing pot to produce the perfect smoke grenade for military training. Our commercial brand is one of the largest producers of smoke grenades globally and has developed high output smoke grenades for teams and users worldwide. The essential feedback produced from such a high volume of users is unique within an R&D environment which has resulted in highly refined smoke grenade.


Technical Specifications

Fuse Delay 2 seconds
Effect Duration 60 secs
Cloud Density 90%
Smoke Expel Speed 80%

If colour is an essential requirement we can supply your order in any colour including black. We can also provide data against which colour is most visible from the air or which has the most effective density. As a result of different colours and the burning rates produced, we can advise on the best colours for density and most effective cover.

Our latest design whilst focused on training and simulation is also a small insight to the forthcoming models that 3rd Light is working on. Our mission is to produce professional training products at affordable prices so that troops gain a wealth of experience without the compromise of reduced and cut budgets.

All of our models are currently designed and tested at our facility in the UK. The MIL-X Smoke is a professional use product aimed at our professional and defence services; we are happy to take enquiries from other industries for this product but can not supply to individual users. If you require smoke grenades or smoke effects for commercial uses please contact Enola Gaye who have the ability to supply pyrotechnics worldwide.

Mil-X In Action

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